Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rausch Amacado 60% - A great dark chocolate in a perfectly portioned package

If you are like me and generally prefer your dark chocolate to have between 60% and 70% cacao solids, I have very exciting news for you: I found a full-sized Rausch "Amacado 60%" chocolate bar in Toronto a few weeks back at McEwan's. It was just as tasty as I remember from the Chocolate Treasures box that I purchased with Rausch's full range of single origin chocolates.

So what is so exciting about it being a full-sized bar?  Well, it was my favourite chocolate in the "Treasures" box, which means I could just purchase this one bar without having to sort through a whole box to get to it!

This Amacado 60% chocolate comes from the Amacado Plantation in the Amazon in Peru - a co-operative of nearly 1,000 families. It is sweet, smooth and bitter all at the same time.  It is also in a portion-controlled 40 gram package, so you cannot overindulge.

You can read about all of my Toronto chocolate purchases online here.

Here are the manufacturer details on the chocolate bar that I tasted today:

Rausch Schokoladen GmbH
Berlin, Germany


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