Tuesday, December 20, 2011

O Canadiana....Canadian chocolate that will make you sing!

Imagine an organic 70% dark chocolate with the flavour of maple syrup, the chewy texture and sweetness of sundried apples and the savoury taste of alder smoked salt.

Well you can stop imagining now...because it does exist in one wonderful little chocolate bar! It is called the Canadiana chocolate bar by Organic Fair Inc. in Cobble Hill, B.C.  The only thing it is missing to be truly Canadian is some Back Bacon.  But no matter, it is still delicious and I am officialy in LOVE with this chocolate bar.

I am not sure how I found this brand of chocolate...online somehow or other....but I am glad that I did.  Organic Fair Inc. has one of the most interesting range of chocolate bar flavours that I have ever seen (well, next to Vosges).  For instance, one of the chocolate bars on their web site is a dark chocolate bar (60% cacao) with cinnamon, raisins and bananas.  Another one, called the "talamanca organic dark chocolate" has pinneapple, coconut, banana and lime in a 70% dark chocolate. Check out the other flavours at: http://www.organicfair.com/category-s/84.htm.  Each and every chocolate bar sounds so interesting that I wanted to taste all of them.  So I filled my online Shopping Cart last week with chocolate (I bought several of the Canadiana chocolate bars for stocking stuffers!) and a few other things, like some Saffron and organic dark roast coffee beans. The package arrived in no time at all and I ripped into the Canadiana bar immediately. The chocolate had a raw, organic taste to it and the maple syrup and salt were sublte - as they should be - leaving the slight aftertaste of apple in your mouth. And the bar was perfectly portioned to leave you feeling good about your chocolate experience, rather than guilty.

Now that I have tasted Organic Fair's Canadiana chocolate bar, I can't wait to try their other flavours of chocolate. Stay tuned for more posts on this unique brand of organic and fair trade chocolate as I taste my way through "The Consumate Connoisseur's Chocolate Gift Box", an awesome buy for the chocoholic in your life with 12 perfectly-portion-sized chocolate bars in a great range of flavours (in case you are wondering, I do not get paid, nor do I get free chocolate to write about this...I'm just really excited about this chocolate gift box that I bought myself for Christmas! Ya you heard me, I bought myself a Christmas present).

Here are the package details from the Canadiana bar:

Canadiana 70% Dark Chocolate with Maple Syrup, Sundried Apples & Alder Smoked Salt, 44g (1.5 oz)
Handmade by Organic Fair Inc. (Cobble Hill, B.C.)
Ingredients: cocoa liquor*, raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, ground vanilla beans*, sundried apples*, maple syrup flakes*, alder smoked salt. Minimum 70% cacao. *Certified Organic by Pro-Cert Organic: reg #247. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, wheat & dairy.

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