Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chocolate that is out of this world...or at least this continent

It is day #2 of tasting imported British chocolate "candy" bars, and today I am working through a Galaxy Smooth Milk bar. "Smooth Milk" is the right name for it, because it certainly is smooth.  It melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more chocolate.  I think that is the case with all commercial milk chocolate bars though, isn't it?  Whatever the added ingredients are, they make your mouth water so that you just have to have more.

As for the added ingredients, this chocolate bar includes "milkfat, lactose, whey and vegetable fat", which are what make this a candy bar rather than a chocolate bar. Whatever happened to just the simple ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, milk, cocoa and vanilla? Actually, the Galaxy bar does include real vanilla extract; not the artificial stuff.  So far, I am quite pleased with how these British candy bar manufacturers do not use artificial vanilla (although my sample size only includes a whopping two chocolate bars so far: the Galaxy and the Bournville).

Like the Bournville Classic Dark chocolate bar that I tasted yesterday, the font on the packaging is impossible to read.  The package is brown and reflective and the font colour is super tiny and gold.  So I have to keep angling it away from the light and even then I have trouble reading the ingredients.  It makes me wonder if this was the manufacturer's strategy so that we, the consumers, will give up and not read the ingredients, or if it was just overlooked when they designed a package that was consistent with their brand strategy?

Regardless, the chocolate is tasty in that hey-it's-a-candy-bar-and-kids-love-it kind of way.  Plus, it has real vanilla extract and no artificial colours, so I'd be more inclined to give this to my child to eat when they want a candy bar rather than one with artificial additives. So despite the impossible-to-read packaging, I give this candy bar a thumbs up.  And if you don't value my opinion, I will tell you that my husband and daughter liked it to, and they are certainly the "candy bar" connoisseurs in this household.  

Here are the details that I was able to extract from the package:

Galaxy Smooth Milk, 46g
Mars Chocolate UK Ltd.
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa ingredients (cocoa butter, cocoa mass), skimmed milk powder, milk fat, lactose, whey powder, vegetable fat, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural vanilla extract. Milk chocolate contains milk solids 14% minimum and cocoa solids 25% minimum.

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